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Be a force for good in our community.

Join the 


Be a force for good in our community.

Mission Statement

Progressives United of South Haven is an inclusive, intersectional organization focused on bringing positive change to our community, country and world.

We join together in the spirit of democracy to preserve our human rights and resist policies that infringe on those rights. 

We are committed to the protection of civil rights, gender equality, reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, workers' rights, disability rights, immigrant rights, environmental justice, public education, animal welfare and the ending of violence.

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Guiding Principles

1. Use sound, science-based reasoning, our constitutional rights and duties, and human decency to lead our actions.

2. Stand against oppressive, discriminatory and harmful policies at local, state and nationwide levels. 

3. Take action at all levels, with an emphasis on local issues, to invoke progressive changes.

  • Racism​

  • Poverty

  • Immigration/refugee rights

  • Gender equality

  • Reproductive rights

  • LGBTQ+ rights

  • Disability rights

  • Public education

  • Affordable health care

  • Workers' rights

  • Climate change

  • Clean water

  • Clean energy

  • Animal welfare

  • Gun regulations

  • ​Domestic violence

  • Police relations

  • Progressive candidate support

  • Redistricting

  • Voter suppression/voter turnout

  • Freedom of the press

  • Separation of church and state

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is

the only thing
that ever has.” 

Margaret Mead

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